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The Hong Kong Institute of Education The Hong Kong Institute of Education - 20th Anniversary
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20th Anniversary Celebration Organising Committee

Membership Composition

Professor Stephen Cheung   President, HKIEd
Professor Joshua Mok   Vice President (Research and Development), HKIEd
Deputy Chairman    
Mr Perry Lou   Director of Communications, HKIEd
Ms Sarah Wong   Vice President (Administration) , HKIEd
Mr Teddy Tang   Council Member, HKIEd
Dr Joseph Kwong   Honorary Fellow (2010) , HKIEd
Dr Tsui Kwok-tung   Representative of Dean, Faculty of Education and Human Development, HKIEd
Dr Anne Ma   Representative of Dean, Faculty of Humanities, HKIEd
Professor Samuel Leong   Head, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, HKIEd
Dr Theresa Lai-Yeung   Representative of Head, Department of Health and Physical Education, HKIEd
Mr Chaddy Wong   Director of Finance, HKIEd
Dr Yu Kar-ming   Acting Director of Student Affairs, HKIEd
Dr Melina Iu Mei-ling   Head, Alumni Affairs and Development Office, HKIEd
Miss Kathy Wong Yuen-ching   President of HKIEd Students’ Union
Miss Toby Law Ka-chai   Student representative of student halls, HKIEd
Ms Irene Ho   Communications Manager, Communications Office, HKIEd



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