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The Hong Kong Institute of Education The Hong Kong Institute of Education - 20th Anniversary
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Mr Pang Yiu-kai
Council Chairman, HKIEd

On 25 April 1994, The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) was founded, following the enactment of the HKIEd Ordinance in March of the same year. This was quickly followed by a period of intensive hardware and infrastructure construction, with foundation stone laying, topping out and inauguration ceremonies marking the different stages of the development of our physical facilities. The outcome is a beautiful campus, the envy of many, sitting atop the lush greenery on a mountain overseeing the Tolo Harbour in Tai Po.
HKIEd was established with the clear mission of becoming the flagship of excellence in teacher education, made possible through the amalgamation of the five predecessor Colleges of Education.
Time passes quickly, and HKIEd will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014. For a significant part of our 20-year history, I have been proudly associated with the Institute in my capacity as a Member, the Treasurer and then Chairman of the Council, witnessing its steady growth and progress, and significant transformation on many fronts.
In the short span of two decades, the Institute has achieved many breakthroughs and milestones. We started as an institution which only offered sub-degree level certificate programmes. But within just two years, the Institute was brought under the aegis of the University Grants Committee and in 1998, we launched our first degree and postgraduate programmes. In 2004, we were granted self-accrediting status for our education programmes, and in 2007, we offered our first Doctor of Education programme.
Our development accelerated after the promulgation of the Strategic Plan 2009-12 and Beyond. Under the “Education-plus” vision articulated in the Strategic Plan, and with the support of the HKSAR government, the Institute launched multidisciplinary degree programmes in Language Studies and Global and Environmental Studies in 2010-11, and Creative Arts and Culture in 2011-12. At the postgraduate level, we began to offer PhD and MPhil programmes in 2010. I am very pleased to note that students enrolled three years ago in the then newly launched undergraduate programmes in Language Studies, Global and Environmental Studies and the PhD programmes, were graduated in 2013.
Today the Institute offers both education and multidisciplinary programmes at the doctoral, Master and Bachelor levels. On the research front, we are increasingly recognised for our knowledge creation and research capacity, and for the impact of our research on the local, regional and international education communities.
What sets the Institute apart from our sister universities is our distinctive role in teacher education, and with a heritage dating back to 1853 when the first formalised programme of in-service teacher training was introduced at St Paul’s College in Hong Kong. As such, the Institute is also very much a rejuvenated young institution, born out of a long historical tradition.
As the Institute celebrates its 20th anniversary, I am confident that we will chart a new course of development in the coming crucial years, and will soon be recognised as a leading university of education in Hong Kong and the region, providing ground-breaking leadership in the fields of education and education related disciplines.

November 2013


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